Poly Blackwire 8225/BW8225 USB-A – New

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Poly Blackwire 8225/BW8225 USB-A

Key Features:

  • USB-A Headset with PC Compatibility
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Accoustic Shock Protection
  • Active Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Stereo (Duo) Headset
  • Plug n Play Connectivity
  • Inline Call Controls
  • Flexible Boom and Wearing Style Choice
  • 2.2m Cable

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Poly Blackwire 8225/BW8225 USB-A – New

With Poly Blackwire 8225 you have the solution you were looking for in a noisy environment where concentration is of utmost importance. You simply connect the USB-A headset via Plug & Play USB port on your PC or laptop and the headset does the rest. It features technology that filters out background noise so the other party doesn’t hear it at all, and you can have a professional business conversation. Ideal for long online calls, intensive use in call centers and concentration in offices.

Excellent Noise Cancelling

Poly ANC (Accoustic Fence Digital) technology integrated into the dual microphone of this headset ensures excellent voice transmission quality even in very noisy environments. Its function is to suppress all surrounding noise to make your call a success, and you can also choose between different levels to adjust the strength. Your caller will think that he is having a personal conversation with you. In addition, the microphone boom is 180 ° adjustable. Another advantage is the protection against acoustic shock developed by Poly (SoundGuard Digital) which limits the sound peaks to ensure the health of the workers.

The light and comfortable design makes the headphones perfect for intensive use in offices, call centers and open spaces. The memory foam padded headband adapts perfectly to your morphology so you hardly notice you are wearing a headset after a full day of work.

Instant Quiet with Active Noise Cancelling

Hybrid active noise cancelling (ANC) makes it easy to escape the noise around you. And three ANC settings mean you can fine-tune your level of quiet anywhere.

Compatible with All Softphones

The headset is a very flexible model, because it is compatible with just about every softphone platform. Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco, Avaya, or plan to switch in the future, the Poly Blackwire 8225 will always be compatible.

Controls on the Headset

A multi-platform headset that also alerts your colleagues and your environment by means of an LED light on the headset itself that you are busy to avoid distractions. With the same handset you can control your calls, volume, Mute function and manage noise cancellation profiles.


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