Sennheiser SC 230 Monaural Business Headset – New

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Sennheiser SC 230 Monaural Business Headset

  • Best-in-class comfort – CircleFlex® patent-pending dual-hinge ear cup system that adapts seamlessly to your ears, for instant perfect fit and relaxed all-day wearing Noise-canceling microphone
  • Filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity Unique robust construction
  • Crafted with look and feel in mind
  • ComfortableSingle earpiece, allowing users to confer with colleagues
  • Numbered headband grooves for step-by-step adjustment for instant perfect fit
  • Robust construction
  • 270° Rotatable Microphone Arm
  • Wideband sound for a natural listening experience
  • Anti-static shock for microphone
  • 12 Months repair/replace warranty
  • CE approved

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Sennheiser SC 230 Monaural Business Headset – New

The Sennheiser SC 230 monaural corded headset is designed for professional use with a focus on call-centre tested durability.

Noise-cancelling technology

Equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone that filters out ambient noise for optimum sound to ensure clear and productive conversations.

CircleFlex™ technology and ActiveGard technology

The CircleFlex™ technology consists in the ear pad of the headset mounted on a pivot, which allows the foam of the pad to instantly adjust to fit perfectly and comfortably. Thanks to ActiveGard technology, sudden noises and acoustic shocks are caught and diminished to protect the user.


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